The Ornery Bastards Band
The Ornery Bastards Band is a band of 5-6 musicians that covers a wide variety of music, with a specialty in older blues and rock 'n' roll. The members of The Ornery Bastards Band are definitely not strangers to playing music, and they've been playing for years. The members of The Ornery Bastards Band know how to have fun, and they're sure to have you singing along to classic favorites! The Ornery Bastards can't wait to have you come boogie down with them.

The Ornery Bastards are:

Keith Johnson - Band Leader, Bass and Vocals
Paul Booth - Guitar and Vocals
Lonnie Schluck - Guitar and Vocals
Roger Lester (Lex) - Drums and Vocals
Keith Ekstrom - Keyboard and Vocals
David Gustafson - Sax and Flute

Bobby (The Enforcer) Rojina - Manager

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